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Onetwist Software.

Onetwist Software is a boutique development company in Constanta, Romania. It specializes in custom development and high availability solutions built with various programming languages. Onetwist’s projects include MailWizz, SafeShare, RoboSet, FileWizz and much more.

Onetwist Software has been working with CodinBit since 2016.



Web Development

Web Design

Cloud Services


Onetwist Software offers its services on multiple platforms, however, it lacked a unified overview of its sales and revenue from each individual channel. CodinBit was tasked with creating a system that would allow them to make data-driven business and marketing decisions based on the performance on each platform.

Our approach.

CodinBit decided to create a system that would be both multi-functional in terms of the information it gathers and presents and flexible, allowing for additional integrations in the future. Such an approach would allow the client to add information channels as it expands without requiring any significant system changes. Such scalable web application featuring multiple integrations helped Onetwist’s staff review market trends and product sales on a weekly basis and adjust their strategy accordingly to increase the sales count per week to its maximum value.


On the web development front, we designed and implemented an end-to-end web application based on Yii2 Framework with a bootstrap front-end. This allowed us to add multiple integrations with APIs and payment methods, giving Onetwist Software the flexibility and scalability for the future.

Our web design team built a custom layout for Onetwist’s internal application, which helped their marketing team view business and marketing information live. Through custom data visualization that we created for their team, this data was easy to understand and act on. We provided consultancy on identifying cloud hosting options. Our team prepared a range of options with user-friendly information on different cloud services that could handle processes on busy days.


By partnering up with CodinBit, Onetwist Software was able to release new products on time and monitor their performance through a unified dashboard. Our team’s web design and development support allowed the client’s team to streamline its budget based on a data-informed strategy. Thanks to this partnership, their team has the agility to update its marketing plan on a weekly and monthly basis by tracking the performance of sales and revenue trends on various platforms and spending their marketing budget accordingly.

We are proud that Onetwist Software has increased its revenue by 350% since partnering up with CodinBit and expanded its service to 4 additional channels.

Our successful initial work together resulted in long-term cooperation as we still act as Onetwist Software’s go-to agency for monthly maintenance and support.

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