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iCU events, now Ertl-Yang, ( is a premier conference production company, running high-impact tech summit around the world. Regularly featuring speakers from such big and influential brands as Facebook, Google, Uber, SAP, and others, Ertl-Yang connects thousands of people every year to discuss the latest industry trends, tackle common challenges, and find new business partners.

Ertl-Yang worked with CodinBit in 2018.

Building Networks Of The Future.


Web Development

Software Development


As Ertl-Yang’s iCU Sofia 2018 was fast approaching, the team was struggling to present the event through a unified online experience to potential attendees. This impacted such crucial functions as speaker recruitment, delegate acquisition, and sponsorship outreach.

CodinBit was approached to re-imagine the online experience of users without making any compromises on the event production deadlines and deliverables. Redesigning the website as the event prep was unfolding live required our team to work closely with Ertl-Yang’s staff on making swift decisions and precise execution.

Our approach.

CodinBit offered a full website development service that provided users with a responsive and interactive experience. We needed to combine visual needs with the larger business context of the event to incorporate user expectations in such areas as speaker information, the agenda, partnership options, and registration details.


Our web development for iCU Sofia 2018 was based on meteor open source platform. We used GitHub for code repository, which allowed us and the client to check all developments on the staging area before going live. As a result, we transitioned Ertl-Yang to a new multi-functional website without any interruption to its services.


Even though Ertl-Yang came to CodinBit with a pressing deadline, we were able to help them release their project on time. This allowed them to run a successful event - recruit top-level speakers, acquire sponsors and media partners, and sign up delegates.

Ertl-Yang was so happy with our services that we were offered a spot as an event partner, which we gratefully accepted. Our logo was displayed at the venue as well as in all online and offline promotional materials, while our agency received a special thank you in the sponsor area of the event.

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