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GetJobReady ( is a Canadian employment program that helps youth get ready for the workforce. It focuses in particular on young people with no prior job experience by offering them online coaching sessions. GetJobReady’s training features such important topics as developing a resume, preparing for an interview, writing a cover letter, and others.

GetJobReady partnered up with CodinBit in 2018 to address the inability of its current system to meet the growing demands for the services.

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GetJobReady was looking for an end-to-end solution that would create a responsive and intuitive system for its target audience. CodinBit was tasked with developing a system that would not only create a seamless experience to the youth - GetJobReady’s target audience - but would integrate parents in the equation when it came to booking coaching sessions.

At the project evaluation and site audit stage, CodinBit identified such additional needs as:

  • Lack of search engine optimization
  • Cloud hosting underperformance
  • The necessity of integrating an online payment method

Our approach.

In order to appeal to both the target audience and their parents, CodinBit created a booking solution that offered packages for the parent-student combo. We understood that in order to successfully reach and convert this audience, the website required a unique design, an easy-to-follow structure of content, and SEO tools.

We designed a strategy to address all these needs in a step-by-step process. Since we were required to deliver the project within a short amount of time, the execution had to be impeccable.


We identified Wordpress as the most fitting CMS to address GetJobReady’s web development needs. We integrated ScheduleOnce in the website, which created a seamless booking experience and gave GetJobReady an organizational advantage by synching up with their staff and clients’ calendars.

To further improve GetJobReady’s customer journey, we integrated a PayPal payment method enabling the client to monetize the offered services. To meet our client’s web design needs, we built a custom theme that matched their unique branding and styling needs of targeting a younger demographic giving a visual advantage to the visitors and increasing their count.

CodinBit set up a Linode server with a Plesk management system. This cloud hosting solution gave GetJobReady staff access to every section and page of the website and drastically improved its speed reducing the bounce rate.


By partnering up with CodinBit, GetJobReady was able to deliver an improved user experience to its target audience, introduce a new offering, and expand its reach to a new demographic - the parents.

Our collaboration was so successful that when GetJobReady was ready to implement additional site enhancements a few months later, CodinBit was its partner of choice. We are proud to be GetJobReady’s go-to web design and development agency and are still working with their team, providing maintenance and support services.

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