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Esource Parts.

Esource Parts ( is a Canadian company that sells and repairs game consoles, cell phone parts, Apple devices, and other accessories. Offering its services since 2013, Esource Parts has grown at a fast pace, supporting both domestic and international businesses and supplying them with the largest selection of parts, tools, and accessories for smart devices.

We have been in a successful partnership with the company for 5 years and counting, being a witness and supporting the development and growth of the company with our full-stack services.



Web Development

Web Design

Cloud Services

Magento Development


Esource Parts’ expansion on the domestic market resulted in the company’s struggle to match its existing system to the growing demand. Built on Magento 1, the system was not only slow but contained numerous bugs. As its sysadmin at that time could not take care of this problem, the client approached CodinBit and gave us access to its e-commerce system.

In our regular system Audit report, we identified additional problems that slowed down the business flow and implicitly the company’s growth:

  • The system was based on a subpar architecture
  • The company used Amazon AWS EC2 server, which was both expensive and not optimized in this case
  • Page load was slow, causing clients to lose their interest increasing the abandoned cart rate
  • UI/UX was deprecated and needed improvement, affecting clients experience and implicitly sales
  • Later, by the year 2018, it became apparent that Magento 1 could no longer cut it. Even Magento’s support team announced its discontinuation of support services for the first edition. In consequence business functionality was facing big challenges
    • As a result, Esource Parts was under tremendous pressure to migrate to Magento 2
    • However, Magento 2 is an entirely different environment, which presented further customization and optimization challenges.

Our approach.

CodinBit mapped out a strategy that would make the transition as smooth as possible in order to avoid disrupting users’ shopping experience, keeping sales at an optimum level. We decided to add GitHub with docker flow to the formula in order to prevent any accidental errors in the code, guaranteeing a perfectly functional system.

Our team offered end-to-end services to Esource Parts, helping them scale up their services. We devised a step-by-step execution plan that addresses all website and digital needs and migration requirements.

Our team accounted for the need to move the website from a huge and pricey server to multiple servers, each catering to an individual part of the website.We identified the most cohesive strategy to migrate the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This was an exciting challenge as it pushed us to innovate and come up with creative solutions in order to ensure consistency of services that Esource Parts was providing to its customers.


On the web development front, we integrated GitHub with local docker instances, which meant that nothing went live before getting tested by Esource Parts on the staging server that we created. We significantly increased page load and performance speed by optimizing the requests to individual servers and minifying all the resources for faster fetching.

In order to create top-performing UI / UX, we redesigned Esource Parts’ visual identity, which resulted in a drastic increase in conversion rates across the entire website. Our team redesigned the architecture of the system by setting up multiple cloud hosting platforms, each handling an individual service, which made scaling a breeze and the overall performance and speed much faster. To that end, we migrated Esource Parts from Amazon AWS EC2 server to multiple Linode servers, which allowed the company to save a lot of time and money.

We added the REDIS server in order to give Esource Parts’ system caching capabilities, which, in turn, enabled them to address client requests more efficiently. Finally, Migrating the system from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and rebuild the features set giving the system a new version with no downtime.


Esource Parts’ long-term collaboration with CodinBit allowed it to scale up its business and expand its offering to such marketplaces as BestBuy, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, just to name a few and increased its revenue. The projects we’ve worked on together enabled Esource Parts to redefine its business priorities, giving them the time to focus on their customers and their needs, while we took all the development, design, and support tasks off their plates.

We are proud to be part of a 300% growth in the company’s turnover.

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