Business Case.


Zagerz used to be an e-commerce platform that operated under the motto of “All Day Every Day”. It offered businesses a voucher-based system purchase electronics from its own stock as well as from other vendors at significantly reduced prices. With Zagerz, every day was Black Friday.

CodinBit worked with Zagerz in 2013.



Web Development

Web Design

Cloud Services

Magento Development


Zagerz was struggling with delivering top user experience during peak-traffic periods. Since new campaigns were launched on a daily basis at midnight, the system required a significant upgrade to automate the process and make it bug-free.

CodinBit was tasked with developing and maintaining a system that would deliver intuitive user experience and be optimized for high traffic. Additionally, we needed to create an automated system for new campaigns to optimize operational efficiency.

Our system audit further identified the need for a high level of customization of the Magento system that would allow for the integration of multiple payment options.

Our approach.

Our team, having worked on numerous e-commerce systems before, made the decision to rebuild the entire e-commerce ecosystem for Zagers that would better meet their needs. We devised a development plan that would allow the client to handle huge traffic and increase checkout conversion rates while helping the staff optimize the internal processes. Our goal was to take the development part of business off of their hands and allow them to focus on deliveries and client support and satisfaction


Throughout our web development process, we built a Magento-based fully customized system that integrated multiple vendors and shipping options from the US and Canada. Furthermore, we made the check-out process a breeze for both Zagers’ customers and their staff and partners by integrating multiple payment gateways.

We identified and fixed all the bugs in the system and continued to monitor the system’s health on a 24/7 basis.


By partnering up with CodinBit, Zagers was able to increase its client base by a whopping 210%. This was a direct result of the new integrations and solutions offered by CodinBit.

We are proud that we were able to help Zagers increase their sales by 150%. The client was very happy with our work that we became their go-to partner for all web design and development needs for the next three years. Together we’ve worked on 11 projects since then.

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