Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of Service

We are a web developing company. We produce themes, templates, applications and many other related software items "Products" that our clients can use as platforms to build websites that, in turn, become available to their clients and visitors.

We invite you to read this information carefully, as this is the basis of your relationship with CodinBit. By creating a user account and purchasing the user license, you agree to these contractual provisions.

Creating an account and purchasing a user license is the beginning of the business relationship established between you and CodinBit, which will last until your license expires and/or until you delete your user account.

CodinBit reserves the right to verify the validity of the license at any time, using its own procedures, without affecting your activity in any way and taking actions when the license is not used correctly.

By creating an account, you assume responsibility for the following statements:

• You are a person who has reached the age of legal majority in the jurisdiction of which you are a citizen;
• You consent to these rules of usage;
• The data that you have provided is real and complete;

The use of the CodinBit services implies that the above statements apply to you in full and you warrant that you will not use any of the products in any way that would violate applicable laws and/or other applicable regulations.

Please keep the user data that you have used when creating your account in a secure place. CodinBit will not disclose it to any third party, in any form. Should you suspect suspicious activity or unauthorised access to your account, please notify us immediately.

All copyright related to the creation of the products/services are and shall remain the property of CodinBit. The violation of these rights may result in criminal and monetary penalties against you.

We are not liable in any way for the unlawful use of a product/service or for the content of the transmissions in ways that violate European laws or laws in force in other territories concerning personal data processing.

The users are entirely liable for the ways in which the product/service is used; CodinBit, as its developers, will not be liable for such uses.

2. Terms of Support

By purchasing our products you get guaranteed technical support, for a limited time depending on your purchase details and product, from our experts that can be reached via our support system ( https://help.codinbit.com ). Please read the information carefully to help us make your experience more satisfying.

If you are the lucky owner of one or many of our products, we will be happy to help you with minor technical issues.

CodinBit will not assist you with Installation and Customization. Also we do not take any responsibility for any 3rd party plugins, software and resources.

The approximate time for you to receive a reply is 5-10 hours. A slight delay may occur due to analyzing and fixing the issue.